Cleaning wipes – small helpers, big impact: discover our wide range of nonwovens!

In a world where cleanliness and hygiene are becoming increasingly important, practical solutions are needed. Our nonwovens for cleaning wipes are just that: robust, reliable and versatile. We work closely with leading companies in the hygiene industry to produce high-quality cleaning wipes. These are used as end products in many areas of daily life. Whether for cleaning, baby care and cosmetics applications or as a disinfectant product. Wipes offer a quick and effective cleaning solution for every situation.

Wipes for quick and effective cleaning on the go and at home

After further processing, wipes are true all-rounders. Thanks to their texture, they can remove dirt and germs without additional water or cleaning agents. Whether at home or on the go, they enable a quick and effective cleaning of surfaces. Parents appreciate their practicality for quickly cleaning spills or children's hands. Sanitary wipes are also indispensable for sanitizing on public transport, in offices or restaurants. They are a must-have when traveling, when soap and water are not available. They also play an important role in hygiene and health care. This is because they help to remove germs and bacteria. Especially in situations where time-consuming cleaning is not possible. Given the current importance of hygiene, wipes have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives.

Our cleaning wipes – perfected by spunlace technology

Our nonwovens for wipes meet the highest quality standards. Being nonwovens experts, we adapt our products perfectly to the requirements of different areas of application. This applies to household, industrial and medical applications. Our wipes are manufactured using spunlace technology. This is ideal for hygiene products. Spunlace technology, also known as hydroentangling, produces high-quality and versatile nonwovens. The dimensional stability, density and softness can be regulated by the speed of the water jets. This allows the nonwoven for the wipes to be adapted to the respective uses. Another advantage: the use of this special technology and our two locations in Germany and the USA means that the wipes substrates are available quickly and in large quantities and also internationally.

Sandler – as a development partner for sustainable solutions

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly nonwoven for wipes? Then take a look at our biodegradable wipes. They contribute to the European Union's Single-Use Plastics Initiative. By focusing on sustainable raw materials, they support the goal of reducing the use of single-use plastics. And thus also reduce the environmental impact. Our biodegradable nonwovens offer an environmentally friendly alternative to standard wipes. They are made from 100 percent viscose or lyocell – a response to the growing demand for sustainable hygiene products.

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As a specialist in nonwoven solutions, we pride ourselves on meeting the highest quality standards for wipes. With our nonwovens, we not only offer the basis for practical everyday cleaning solutions. With our biodegradable wipes, we also set a strong example for environmental compatibility and sustainability. We offer the opportunity to tailor solutions to your individual needs and implement customized solutions. If you would like to be a part of this, please contact us. Find out more about our products and custom-made solutions. Together we can create a cleaner future.

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