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    The company history of Sandler Group

    Since more than 140 years, Sandler stands for excellent products and inno­vative solutions for a wide range of sectors. It all began in 1879, when Christian Heinrich Sandler founded a cotton wool factory in the city of Hof, Bavaria. In the middle of the 20th century, the production of synthetic nonwovens began. This is how we gradu­ally opened up markets that are still relevant today. By expan­ding our production capacities, growing our team, and broadening our techno­logy portfolio, we have developed into a global market leader in the field of nonwoven products.

    From absorbent cotton factory to world market leader - Sandler over the decades

    Discover the milestones in our company history:


    Formation of a cotton wool factory in Hof, Bavaria by Christian Heinrich Sandler


    Relocation of the company headquarters to nearby Schwarzenbach

    The history of Sandler | Sandler Group

    Production of synthetic nonwovens starts

    The history of Sandler | Sandler Group

    First needlepunch line is put into operation

    Needlepunch | Sandler Group

    Thermofusion is added to the technology portfolio

    Thermofusion | Sandler Group

    First production of composite materials

    Composite Materials | Sandler Group

    Expansion of the technology portfolio to include thermobonding

    Thermobonding | Sandler Group

    The production of meltblown nonwoven is started

    Meltblown | Sandler Group

    Spunlace technology becomes part of the portfolio

    Spunlace | Sandler Group

    Opening of our plant in Perry, Georgia/USA

    Company building | Sandler Group
    Nonwovens specialist | Sandler Group
    Sandler Sustainability Puzzle | Sandler Group

    Sustain­ability at Sandler

    Sustainability is a topic that has always been with us. Dr. Christian Heinrich Sandler and many members of the Sandler team are actively involved in nature conser­vation projects. On our company premises in Schwarzenbach, we help to preserve the habitat of many animal and plant species with biotope areas. But sustain­ability is also our guiding principle in all other aspects of our business acti­vities. For many years now, we have been conducting intensive research into the further develop­ment of our raw materials with regard to new recycling options and the production of nonwovens using sustainable material alter­natives. And on optimizing our carbon footprint. This has led to the develop­ment of our sustain­ability concept, which focuses on the four pillars of mindset, people, energy and product.

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    Nonwovens specialist | Sandler Group
    Sandler locations | Sandler Group

    Locations on 2 continents

    Since 2016, we are represented in Perry, Georgia, where we primarily produce nonwoven solu­tions for the American market. This not only ensures shorter supply chains, but offers our inter­national customers an even better service.

    Learn more about our loca­tions

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