bluefiber - smart and sustain­able acoustic solu­tions

bluefiber is the smart acoustic solution for the construc­tion sector. Our products ensure better room acoustics and effec­tively dampen noise. At the same time, they are manu­factured using single-polymer materials and are fully recyclable. Our bluefiber products are available in standard versions as well as custom-made solutions and can there­fore be optimally adapted to your uses.

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    The advantages of bluefiber 

    • Sound-absorbing
    • Abrasion-resistant
    • Easy to process
    • Gentle on the skin
    • Durable
    • Lightweight
    • Mechanically stable
    • Single-polymer
    • Thermoformable
    • Heat-insulating
    • Recyclable
    • Low-emission
    • Flame-resistant
    • Moisture-resistant

    smart acoustic poly­ester

    ­bluefiber products are 100 % single-polymer and sustain­able. Our smart acoustic polyester offers additional advan­tages: It is durable, free of harmful substances, manu­factured without chemical additives and fully recyclable after several years of use. Compared to wood or other fiber materials, polyester is signifi­cantly lighter. Tested in accor­dance with EN 13501, our bluefiber products are flame retardant. Product variants tested in accor­dance with ASTM E84 are also available.

    Areas of appli­cation for bluefiber

    Due to the variety of products, bluefiber acoustic solu­tions can be used in a wide range of areas in resi­dential rooms, offices, public buildings, and indus­trial spaces, for example:

    • as partition walls, ceiling panels, baffles or cladding
    • acoustic backing or cavity absorbers to improve listening conditions
    • for machine insulation and industrial noise reduction
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