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    Pro­cure­ment & logistics - strong partner­­ships

    Sandler supplies innovative nonwoven solu­tions to well-known customers all over the world. Every year, we ship around 18,500 consign­ments to a vast variety of countries. In order to offer our nonwovens as rolls and sheets in proven Sandler quality, we are always looking out for reliable partners - whether in the procure­ment of our raw materials or in logistics.

    We are looking for partners who work closely with us and on which we can rely 100%. Partners who want to develop our sustain­ability strategy together with us. And who take responsi­bility within the supply chain.

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      »Procurement, logistics and disposal logistics is not just about the reliable manu­facture and delivery of nonwovens - it's about developing sustain­able solutions and advancing decarboni­­zation while meeting the require­ments of the Supply Chain Act.«
      Klaus Becher, Director Supply Chain Management, Sandler AG

      Partner­ships in Procure­ment

      Sandler stands for innovative solu­tions, for further develop­ment and adaptability. But first and foremost, we stand for relia­bility, in the quality of our products as well as in delivery. Our large network of suppliers and logistics partners enables us to ship our products all over the world and reliably supply major customers. If you have become interested in working with us, we are always looking for compe­titive suppliers of the following raw materials or semi-finished goods:


      • Synthetic staple fibers: Polyester, polypropylene
      • Natural staple fibers: Viscose, cotton, polylactide
      • Bicomponent fibers
      • Innovative and sustainable specialty fibers

      Semi-finished goods

      • Spunbonded nonwovens
      • Thermobonded/mechanically bonded nonwovens
      • Pleatable papers for filtration applications


      • Polypropylene
      • Polybutylene terephthalate
      • Polylactide
      • Polyamide

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      Can you supply these raw materials and semi-finished goods as recycled grades? We are looking forward to your support in the expansion of our sustainability strategy.

        Procurement & logistics | Sandler Group

        We are also interested in long-term partnerships when it comes to packaging materials, operating and maintenance materials - including recycled qualities - or toll manufacturing.

        Packaging materials

        • Cardboard packaging
        • Round blanks
        • Ranges
        • Cores
        • PE films
        • Labels
        • Adhesive tapes
        • Load securing materials

        Toll manufacturing

        • Lamination
        • Custom-cutting (cutting, spinning spools, etc.)


        Operating and
        maintenance materials

          Procurement & logistics | Sandler Group

          Regional and inter­national logistics partner­ships

          Consistently high quality as well as adherence to delivery dates and relia­bility are essential for us. Only by consis­tently adhering to these standards can we ensure the satis­faction of our customers. We are in constant contact with our logistics partners in order to meet agreed deadlines and guarantee delivery relia­bility. Cooperation on an equal footing is particu­larly important to us. We are looking for partners we can rely on. Just as you can rely on us. We are looking for service providers for transportation at both our Schwarzenbach and Perry locations:


          • truck freight with jumbo trailers and mega­trailers
          • container freight worldwide
          • air freight - courier services and special transports

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          Perry, GA:

          • truck freight with 53' dry vans
          • sea freight worldwide
          • air freight

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          Procurement & logistics | Sandler Group
          Procurement & logistics | Sandler Group

          Information on self-collection

          Would you like to collect your order from one of our ware­houses? Have you been instructed to carry out a collection at Sandler? Please refer to our instruc­tions for self-collection. These can be found in our download area.

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          Sustain­able recycling and disposal

          Sustain­ability is part of our corporate DNA. We are researching alter­native raw materials and concepts to further the recycling and re­processing of nonwovens. If you are a recycler or reuser of nonwovens, a processor of nonwovens or a partner for the expan­sion of the circular economy, new processes and ways of recycling, we would like to get to know you. Please get in touch with one of our contact persons.

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          Procurement & logistics | Sandler Group
          Procurement & logistics | Sandler Group

          Documents rela­ting to purchasing and loading space require­ments

          Our purchasing condi­tions, loading space requirements and our Code of Conduct are avail­able for you in our download area.

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