Filter media for vacuum cleaner bags

Sandler synthetic filter media are used in the produc­tion of dust filter bags for vacuum cleaners. We use our extensive know-how in the field of filtration to develop tailor-made solutions. Thanks to our versatile production processes, we are able to offer a wide range of products and produce large quantities of filter media. Our portfolio includes standard products, special develop­ments and sustain­able solutions. Our nonwovens for vacuum cleaner bags contribute to high suction power over the entire service life of the bag. They are tear-resistant and even moisture does not affect them. They do not provide a breeding ground for mold or germs and reliably trap dirt and organic particles - a plus for allergy sufferers and a clean home.

Filter media for vacuum cleaner bags | Sandler Group
Filter media for vacuum cleaner bags | Sandler Group

The advan­tages of our filter media for vacuum cleaner bags

  • Excellent price-perfor­mance ratio
  • Convincing filter perfor­mance
  • Tear-resistance
  • Standard applications as well as sustain­able alter­natives
  • Customer-specific developments
  • Decades of expertise in filtration
  • Broad portfolio of production methods
  • Oeko-Tex®-certified
    Filter media for vacuum cleaner bags | Sandler Group

    Our product range: from standard appli­cations to sustain­able solutions

    At Sandler, we supply high-performance filter media for vacuum cleaner bags from various manu­facturers. We use melt­blown technology to achieve the finest fiber diameters. In addition to standard appli­cations, we are also able to produce filter media made from 100 % PLA. These are recyclable and contribute to greater sustain­ability in the field of house­hold products.

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