The spunlace process - versa­tile nonwovens

The spunlacing process, sometimes also referred to as hydro­entangling, uses water and a wide range of fibers and fiber compo­sitions to produce versatile nonwovens of high quality. In the process, fine high-pressure jets of water penetrate the web and are being reflected on the surface beneath, thus causing the fibers to entangle. This way, the spunlacing process creates nonwovens that are both soft and strong, have a pleasant texture and can be engineered in terms of strength, density, absorbency and soft­ness to suit a broad range of appli­cations. Spunlacing has been part of our techno­logy portfolio since 2003.

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    »The spunlace process has become an integral part of nonwoven production.«
    Cem Gürer, Head of Production Management, Sandler AG
    Spunlace technology | Sandler Group
    Spunlace technology | Sandler Group

    First-class nonwovens for nume­rous appli­cations

    From absorbent cotton factory to world market leader: the conti­nuous develop­ment of our techno­logies enables us to produce nonwovens for a wide variety of sectors and appli­cations. And for renowned customers all over the world.

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