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Concerning hygiene appli­cations, it is our claim to make life more comfor­table. Our nonwovens protect, clean and filter, and thus contri­bute a lot to enhance the quality of life of young and old the world over. At the same time, we view sustain­ability and, more so, freedom from plastic to be key challenges for a hygiene industry in which disposable products prevail. For this reason, our research focus is on alter­native raw materials and recycling concepts.

    Tampon covers | Sandler Group

    Our appli­cation highlight in the hygiene sector

    Our tampon cover nonwoven is made from 100% viscose, without bonding agents of any kind. This makes them a bio­degradable, sustainable, and safe product for feminine care.

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    Nonwovens for hygiene applications | Sandler Group
    Protection | Sandler Group

    Nonwoven solu­tions for the protection of young and old

    Sandler nonwovens for diapers and other hygiene products accompany people through­out their lives. In infant care, our nonwovens protect the youngest in diapers, pull-ups, and swimmers. In feminine care, they are used in sani­tary napkins, panty liners, and tampons. And in inconti­nence protection products, they provide reliable safety for an active life­style. We also produce high-quality nonwovens for dis­infection wipes which reliably remove germs and bacteria. And finally, Sandler nonwovens are used in wound care products. All along, safety and freedom from harmful substan­ces are our top prio­rities.

    We supply nonwovens for

    • Distribution layers
    • Topsheets
    • Elastic closures
    • Backsheets
    • Outer cover
    • Disinfection wipes
    • Dressings, pads, and temporary splints

    Wipes for cleaning

    Wet wipes for babies or cosmetic wipes made with Sandler nonwovens may be found in nearly every house­hold. Depending on the intended use, they may come in different charac­teristics: cozy and soft for infant care, gently for skin care. We know the require­ments of the most different uses and offer client-specific solu­tions as well as standard products.

    We supply nonwovens for

    • Baby care wipes
    • Cosmetic wipes
      Nonwovens for hygiene applications | Sandler Group

      Filter solutions in the field of hygiene

      Sandler nonwovens play a crucial role in the medical field. We produce filter materials for surgical masks and for filtering face­piece respirators. Our high-quality materials provide for an effective filtration: they minimize particle pene­tration and care for an optimal breath­ability. Sandler nonwovens also serve as inner liners of masks. They are soft and skin-friendly, and offer a pleasant wearing comfort, even over an extended period of time.

      Our nonwovens serve as

      • Filter layers for surgical masks, breathing protection, and respirators
      • Inner liners for masks
      • Tie tapes
        Nonwovens for hygiene applications | Sandler Group

        Competence in develop­­ment and production

        In the course of 140 years, we accumulated a high level of production competence. We understand the contexts regar­ding the final product and are capable of adjusting materials to your require­ments. And of course, we always keep our production lines up to date. We use the following techno­logies in the manu­facture of nonwovens for hygiene products and wipes:

        Your Sandler contacts for the hygiene industry

        Are you interested in more details concerning our nonwovens for hygiene products or wipes? Then please don’t hesi­tate to contact us! We’d also be interested to discuss a develop­ment partnership in which we are at your side from the first minute through to the finished product!

        Contact Jürgen Fiebig | Sandler Group

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        Cleaning in hygiene applications
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        Contact Theresa Baier | Sandler Group

        Theresa Baier
        Protection in hygiene applications
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        Contact Franziska Müller | Sandler Group

        Franziska Müller
        Filtration in hygiene applications
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        Scores of require­ments – one solution provider

        At Sandler, we’re nonwovens specialists. And not only in the field of hygiene. Also in the sectors of construc­tion, house­hold, industry, and mobility you can count on our nonwovens.

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