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We have carefully considered the information that is most relevant for our business partners. What content is worth publishing and which communication channels are the channels of the future. 

Some of you may remember our Sandler Journal, which we distributed for many years as a print medium and in digital form. This media was designed to communicate news about Sandler Group; however, we only reached a limited target audience. And now, we are going to change that.

The Sandler Blog

We want to inform you about Sandler news, give you an insight into our everyday lives, and share our knowledge and experience with you. Compact and to the point. We will report on all areas of the company: You will receive information on our product portfolio, our industries, nonwovens solutions and expertise, our values, and the topics that involve us. Our aim is to gradually build a database, where you can easily search for articles that are relevant to you in future. For example, sustainability is an important topic for Sandler, and you will certainly see articles about sustainability on our blog.

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What have you always wanted to know?

Do you have questions about our products or our company? If so, you've come to the right place. Use our contact form and let us know what topics interest you. If your question will not be answered in an upcoming blog post, we will forward your request to the most appropriate contact person in our team. No matter the reason, we look forward to the exchange.

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