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We have made it our mission to make everyday life more comfortable with our products. In doing so, Sandler nonwovens help with cleaning, filtration, protection, sound insulation, thermal insulation, and upholstery. With over 140 years of experience, we have become one of the world's leading nonwovens manufacturers. In the construction, household, hygiene, industrial and mobility sectors, our international customers benefit from the expertise of our nonwovens specialists.


Specializing in daily comfort – with every single fiber

Our specialty is everyday life. Because our nonwoven products make life easier, quieter, more comfortable and safer. We have made it our mission to combine convenience and sustainability. To this, we are committed - with every fiber of our being.

Making everyday life easier – our nonwoven solutions

Sandler products accompany you through your everyday life - even if they are often not directly visible. At home, on the road or in the office: our nonwovens are used for cleaning, filtration, protection, sound insulation, thermal insulation, and upholstery. You can rely 100% on Sandler's outstanding quality. As well as on the fact that our products make your life more comfortable.

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Reliability at all times – our sector diversity

In the production of nonwoven solutions for the construction, household, hygiene, industry and mobility sectors, we use state-of-the-art technologies and processing methods. This enables us to create a wide variety of application possibilities and always present you with the best possible solution. In order to continue being a leader in nonwovens.

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Looking ahead – our competencies

Our nonwovens specialists work intensively on the advancement of existing technologies and are open to new manufacturing techniques. We exchange ideas intensively with our customers and jointly develop new products for your individual require­ments. We conduct research into sustainable raw materials. Because when it comes to the sustainable and innovative manufacture of nonwoven products, we are not only open to new ideas. We are pioneers in our industry.

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quality standard – internatio­nally successful

The competence of each individual team member has contributed to our success for over 140 years. We focus on relia­bility, responsi­bility and openness. At Sandler, we do not rest on our expe­rience. We continue to educate ourselves. We grow, both regio­nally and internatio­nally. We create new solutions and anchor sustaina­bility as a firm basis in all areas.

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Creating some­thing new together – the specia­lists at Sandler

We are nonwovens specialists. Whether in the commercial or industrial sector: our employees are the heart of Sandler. And we are always looking for new talents. People who want to further develop our products and our company. People who want to look ahead, specialize and continuously acquire new knowledge.

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    Our Changers take care of transformations at Sandler. Among other things, this involves the topics of sustainability, digitalization or new work.

    Specialize as a Changer in the areas of:

    • Sustainability
    • IT & Digitalization
    • Corporate Transformation
    • Innovation Management
    • Culture Management


    Our Makers really get to work! Whether it's in mechanics, logistics or production: in our work environment Make we get things done.

    Specialize as a Maker in the areas of:

    • Servicing & Facility
    • Production
    • Logistics
    • Quality Management


    Our Creators are our innovative minds. They help shape processes as well as our design. Our machines and our products.

    Specialize as a Creator in the areas of:

    • Supply Chain Management
    • Product & Technology Development
    • People & Finance
    • Sales & Communications

    Your request – our solution

    Are you looking to learn more about Sandler's competence in nonwovens? Develop new products? Or exchange views on sustainable technologies? Look no further. We'd love to hear from you!

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