Thermo­­fusion - soft and volu­minous nonwovens

The thermofusion process describes a nonwoven production process in which thermo­plastic fibers having different melting points are heated using a defined flow of hot air. The partially molten fibers adhere to each other where they intersect, thus forming a strong bond after cooling. Thermo­fusion nonwovens are particularly known for their dura­bility and high volume. We have been using thermo­fusion for nonwoven production since 1973.

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    »Thermo­fusion enables us to produce volu­minous nonwovens with excellent up­holstery proper­ties.«
    Stephan Felsen, Production Management, Sandler AG
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    Thermofusion | Sandler Group

    Expertise since 1967

    We have been producing syn­thetic nonwovens for a wide range of uses since 1967. We are constant­ly developing our range of techno­logies. To further improve our products. And to be able to offer an even wider range of nonwoven solu­tions.

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