Sandler textile nonwovens for house­­hold appli­­cations

Sandler nonwovens play a leading role in safe and healthy homes. High-quality filter media contri­bute to purifying and improving the indoor air. Easy to process substrates for wipes offer solutions for cleaning in the house­hold. And functioning as padding and filling materials in sofas, mattresses and bedding products Sandler textile nonwovens ensure maximum comfort.

    Nonwovens for applications in the household | Sandler Group

    Our appli­­cation highlight in the house­hold sector

    Sandler filter media for vacuum cleaner bags can be found in almost every house­hold. For this appli­cation, we offer a wide range of products and we are pleased to develop client specific solutions.

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    Nonwovens for applications in the household | Sandler Group
    Filtration | Sandler Group

    Filtration in the house­hold

    In the household, our nonwoven filter media contri­bute to a better, purified air and are used in vacuum cleaner bags, air condi­tioning, range hoods, or mobile air purifiers. We offer single-polymer solu­tions wherever possible.

    Sandler supplies filter media and composites for

    • Vacuum cleaner bags
    • Air conditioning and venti­lation
    • Range hoods

    Wipe substrates for cleaning in the household

    Dry or wet wipes – a modern household can’t possibly be imagined without them. Our production techno­logies and decades of experience lets us produce a broad range of easy to process nonwoven substrates for wipes.

    We supply

    • Wipe substrates for various cleaning purposes
      Nonwovens for applications in the household | Sandler Group
        Nonwovens for applications in the household | Sandler Group

        Upholstery and cushioning nonwovens for the house­hold

        In the household, Sandler upholstery and cushioning nonwovens enhance the comfort of sofas, recliners and chairs as well as mattresses and other bedding products. By using rege­nerated raw materials, we contribute to greater sustain­ability in the upholstered furniture and mattress industry - and of course we produce in accordance with Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.

        We supply nonwovens for

        • Bedding products and mattresses
        • Sofas and chairs
        • Outdoor furniture

        Varied production technologies

        We use various technologies to implement the different require­ments for our house­hold related nonwovens. To make them soft and bulky for up­holstery, resilient and efficient for filter media, and tear-resistant and skin-friendly for cleaning products. The compe­tencies we apply are

        Your Sandler contacts for house­hold appli­cations

        Are you in the home textiles trade, specialized on wipes, or in the filtration industry and keen on learning more about our nonwovens or our production techno­logies? Then please don’t hesitate to contact us! And we’d also be interested to discuss joint develop­ments and other forms of cooperation.

        Contact Jürgen Fiebig | Sandler Group

        Jürgen Fiebig
        Cleaning in household applications
        +49 9284 60-332

        Contact Franziska Müller | Sandler Group

        Franziska Müller
        Filtration in household applications
        +49 9284 60-808

        Contact Thomas Wolf | Sandler Group

        Thomas Wolf
        Upholstery in household applications
        +49 9284 60-129

        Nonwovens for the most varied applications

        Discover more Sandler Group nonwovens for Construction, Hygiene, Industry, and Mobility.

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