Thermo­bonding techno­logy – nonwovens with high strength

Thermobonding, also referred to as calen­der bonding, has established itself as a reliable method in the production of nonwovens. In the process, a layer of fibers passes through a set of calendar rollers which punctually bond fibers together by applying heat and pressure to create dense and stable nonwovens. Thermo­bonded nonwovens are charac­terized by effective liquid distri­bution and an adjustable pore structure. Being air permeable and skin-friendly, they are preferred for processing into hygiene products. Thermo­bonding enables the rapid production of particu­larly thin nonwovens. Thermo­bonding has been part of our techno­logy port­folio since 1987.

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    »Thermobonding nonwovens are perfect for hygiene products thanks to their optimal fluid management.«
    Alexander Obermoser, Product Development, Sandler AG
    Production technologies | Sandler Group
    Thermobonding | Sandler Group

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