Nonwovens for acoustic opti­­mization

Noise is not only annoying. Noise can also be a threat to your health. Sandler’s flexible acoustic non­wovens improve the interior atmosphere in areas such as construc­­tion, industry, and mobility. At Sandler, we imple­ment single-polymer solu­tions wherever possible. We create recycling oppor­­tunities and contri­­bute to greater sustain­­ability in acoustic opti­­mization. Our nonwoven solutions absorb sound to ensure optimum listening condi­­tions in the room. They also provide effec­tive sound insu­lation by minimizing sound trans­­mission between two rooms.

    Sandler nonwovens for sound insulation | Sandler Group

    Our highlight appli­cation in acoustic insulation

    bluefiber is our solution for smart acoustic appli­­cations in residential and commer­cial settings. These non­woven products provide for reliable sound control and sound insu­­lation. bluefiber 100% polyester products are user-friendly and flame-retardant.

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    Sandler nonwovens for sound insulation | Sandler Group
    Sandler nonwovens for sound insulation | Sandler Group

    Sound insu­lation in construc­­tion

    Innovative approaches to sound control in buildings are becoming increasingly impor­tant. Sandler’s acoustic solu­tions effi­ciently reduce noise and harmo­­niously blend in with the appearance of the building. We have the right product for every acoustical challenge, be it a public building, a private home, an open-plan office, or a class room.

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    Sound insulation in indus­trial appli­­cations

    Not only residen­tial rooms, offices, or public buildings but also indus­trial spaces profit from Sandler acoustic solu­­tions. At Sandler, we produce nonwoven products speci­­fically for the acoustical insulation of production lines and indus­trial noise control. Sandler nonwovens are not only light­­weight and flexible, but also fire retardant and moisture resis­tant. They contribute to reducing the exposure to noise and promote a healthier working environ­­ment. Being experts for acoustic solutions, we permanently refine our products and meti­culously implement your require­­ments.

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      Sandler nonwovens for sound insulation | Sandler Group
      Sandler nonwovens for sound insulation | Sandler Group
      Sandler nonwovens for sound insulation | Sandler Group

      Sound control in the mobility sector

      In the mobility sector, our acoustic solu­­tions promote comfort of driving by opti­­mizing the back­­ground noise inside and outside the vehicle. You will find our non­woven products in the vehicle interior as well as in the engine compart­­ment. Tailormade solutions are used in auto­­mobiles, trains, trucks, and buses. Sandler nonwovens are adap­table, light­­weight, and, for simplified recycling, single-polymer. They resist mecha­nical impact and moisture, and are ideally suited for appli­­cations in vehicles.

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      Your contacts for acoustic solu­tions from Sandler

      Are you interested in discussing acoustic insu­­lation with us or have an inquiry concerning a product? Then please get in touch with our acoustic insu­lation specialists.

      Contact Philipp Gerstner | Sandler Group

      Philipp Gerstner
      Sound insulation in construction
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      Contact Marcel Krauss | Sandler Group

      Marcel Krauß
      Sound insulation in industry
      +49 9284 60-912

      Contact Fabian Geyer| Sandler Group

      Fabian Geyer
      Sound insulation in mobility
      +49 9284 60-4289

      An ever-growing port­folio of products

      Sandler provides reliable solu­tions for the most varied aspects of life – since more than 140 years! All along, we conti­­nuously expand our product portfolio and create new areas of use.

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