Sandler nonwovens in the con­struc­tion sector

PET is playing an increasingly important role for the construc­tion sector, especially in the context of the energy transi­tion. Sandler PET nonwovens provide for excellent thermal and acoustical insu­lation – with simple processing. In the production of non­woven solutions, we focus on single-polymer products for uncompli­cated recycling – good for the environ­ment, good for the construc­tion sector.

    bluefiber products | Sandler Group

    Our appli­cation highlight in the construc­­tion sector

    Our bluefiber products are acoustical solu­tions for your rooms. They optimize the listening condi­tions without disturbing the room aesthetics and create a pleasant atmosphere. At the same time, they are sustain­able, flame-retardant, and moisture resistant.

    Discover bluefiber products

    Solutions for acoustic insulation | Sandler Group
    Sound insulation | Sandler Group

    PET nonwovens for sound insu­lation

    Sandler provides nonwoven solu­tions that optimize interior acoustics through efficient sound absorption. Our 100% single-polymer products are easy to process and adjust to the specific condi­tions in private as well as in public buildings. Sandler supplies bluefiber panels, pads, and wool as well as other nonwovens for

    • Ceiling panels
    • Suspended baffles
    • Room partitions
    • Wall panels and wall absorbers
    • Underlayment
    • Acoustic decoupling

    Nonwovens for thermal insu­lation

    In the field of thermal insulation, Sandler nonwoven insu­lation materials protect from moisture, cold and other environ­mental conditions, and may be used inside as well as on the outside of the building. Being flame resis­tant, free from pollutants and recyclable, they are easy to process and thus offer an advan­tage over other thermal insulation materials while ful­filling relevant require­ments of the building industry. At the same time, they are resistant to mold and bacteria growth, they are light­weight and skin-friendly – indispensable proper­ties when it comes to building a house.

    We supply

    • Insulating materials for hot water tanks and pipes, as well as for appli­cations in the field of HVAC
    • Nonwovens for the thermal insulation of walls and roofs
      Nonwovens for the construction industry | Sandler Group
      Nonwovens for the construction industry | Sandler Group
      Protection | Sandler Group

      Protective nonwovens in construc­­tion

      Sandler nonwovens find appli­cations such as process support materials and coating substrates. Applying a variety of production techno­logies and raw materials, we are capable of presenting a multi­tude of solutions for appli­cations in the construction sector.

      We supply nonwovens for

      • Covers
      • Sealings
      • Roof sheeting
      • Window and door sealing tapes
      • Concrete curing covers
      • Cable wraps
      • Waterproofing membranes

      State-of-the-art produc­tion techno­logies

      We keep investing in our production techno­logies. Because only if we make maximum use of our production lines, can we generate new nonwoven solu­tions for additional fields of appli­cation. For the construc­tion sector, we focus on our techno­logies

      Your Sandler contacts for the construction sector

      Are you in the building materials trade or in the building materials sector and keen on learning more about our nonwovens or our production techno­logies? Then please don’t hesitate to contact us! And we’d also be interested to discuss joint develop­ments and other forms of cooperation.

      Contact Philipp Gerstner | Sandler Group

      Philipp Gerstner
      Sound insulation in construction
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      Contact Marcel Krauss | Sandler Group

      Marcel Krauß
      Thermal insulation & protection in construction
      +49 9284 60-912

      High quality nonwoven solutions

      Sandler supplies reliable, high-quality nonwovens for the construction, house­hold, industry, and mobility sectors. Nonwoven solutions that impress!

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