Composite materials - infinite possi­­bili­ties

Composite materials play an important role in the production of nonwovens. Using techno­logies such as ultra­sonic welding, spunmelt, hotmelt, or thermal lami­nation as well as embossing or pressing with rollers, nonwoven materials can be joined together in a variety of ways. It is not only possible to join nonwoven to nonwoven. Other materials can also be processed into a composite. Nonwoven composites allow us to control the proper­ties of nonwovens and produce custom-fit solu­tions. This versatility makes composite materials attrac­tive for a wide range of industries and appli­cations.

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    »Since 1978, composite materials at Sandler have made it possible to combine different materials - perfect for use in different industries.«
    Stefan Kreuzer, Product Development, Sandler AG

    Future-oriented nonwovens produc­tion

    Change accompanies us every day. Be it in our processes, our raw materials or our production techno­logies. That is why we are constant­ly evolving. To deliver the best nonwoven solu­tions for a wide range of uses. Today and tomorrow.

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