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    Taking nonwovens further - research & develop­ment at Sandler

    In our R&D, Sandler nonwovens experts continue to develop products, raw materials and manu­facturing techno­logies. At the same time, we are develop­ment partners for our customers and deliver creative approaches and inno­vative product solu­tions. Our purpose is always what drives us: Specia­lizing in daily comfort - with every single fiber.

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      »Our mission in research and develop­ment at Sandler is not only to create products that perfectly meet the respective require­ments, but also to ensure the satis­faction of our customers along the entire value chain. Our success is based on the expertise of each individual team member: we value challenges and rely on agile methods to find solu­tions - in close cooperation with our customers.«
      Stephan Hopster, Chief Production Officer, Sandler AG
        R&D | Sandler Group

        Our research focus

        Change is part of our corporate philo­sophy. We’re not just into refining our existing products. We also want to open up new appli­cations in other sectors. And design recycling concepts that really work. We are constantly opti­mizing our existing production techno­logies in terms of energy consumption, new production methods, and use of raw materials.

        The first question we always ask ourselves is: What will help our markets move forward? Our research therefore focuses on

        • process optimization to save resources and energy
        • closed raw material cycles
        • new products
        • alternative fibers and technologies

        Sandler as a develop­ment partner 

        Our decades of experience in nonwoven production make us a strong develop­ment partner for customers in a wide range of sectors. Regardless of whether we are designing customer-specific solu­tions or adapting standard products: We are involved from the very first minute and reliably implement your require­ments right through to the end product. We work closely with you to design the optimum nonwoven for you.

        Our development services include:

        • Setting up individual customer projects and product confi­gurations
        • Adapting standard materials to specific customer require­ments
        • Close cooperation with research insti­tutes at project level but also on basic topics
        • Basic develop­ment with alter­native raw materials and on possible combi­nations of different production technologies

        Have we sparked your interest? Please contact us to discuss how we can implement your require­ments.

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          Research and Development | Sandler Group
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          For a better tomorrow

          How can we as a company contri­bute to a more sustain­able world? All depart­ments at Sandler are asking themselves this question. Our sustain­ability strategy is not one-dimensional, but consists of four fields of action and takes a holistic view of the topic.

          Learn more about sustain­ability at Sandler

          Nonwoven solu­tions that fascinate

          Our nonwoven solutions find appli­cations in the construc­tion, house­hold, hygiene, industry and mobility sectors. Discover our products and see our wide-ranging portfolio for yourself.

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