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    Our manufacturing competencies – reliable nonwoven solutions

    We at Sandler Group are specialists in nonwoven solutions. From the selection of raw materials to the finished nonwoven: the quality of our products is our top priority. We always select the appropriate manufacturing method to produce the best possible products. We carry out regular product controls. This includes tests by independent institutes and certifications. Our production technologies themselves and their further development distinguish us and our products. At Sandler, we plan and project our nonwovens lines ourselves in order to apply our technological know-how in the best possible way for the implementation of the latest manufacturing possibilities.

    Meltblown technology | Sandler Group
    Meltblown technology | Sandler Group

    Meltblown technology – nonwovens for high-per­formance filter media

    Meltblown technology enables the production of nonwovens with extremely small fiber diameters. The starting materials for meltblown media are granules that are first molten during the process and then spun out into the finest fibers. Thanks to these finest fibers, our meltblown nonwovens impress with a high internal surface and are able to efficiently retain the smallest particles and dirt fragments. Optimal for use in high-performance filters.

    The thermal bonding process – nonwovens with high strength

    During the thermal bonding process, synthetic fibers are bonded by means of heat and pressure. The result is nonwovens suitable for a wide range of use(s) and particularly suitable for direct skin contact. They are therefore frequently used for processing into hygiene products, filter media or packaging materials.

      Air-through bonding – soft and voluminous nonwovens

      During the Air-through bonding process, fibers with different melting points are bonded by means of hot air in a dryer. The result is soft, homogeneous nonwovens that are also extremely high-performance. Ideal for technical applications and voluminous upholstery materials.

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        The Spunlace Process – versatile nonwovens for Wipes

        In the spunlace process, nonwovens are produced by mechanical bonding. With the aid of high-pressure water jets, the individual fibers are intertwined to form a uniform material. The finished nonwoven is used primarily in the manufacture of wipes and other hygiene products. Excellent liquid absorption characterizes our spunlace nonwovens.

        The needlepunch process – wear-resistant nonwovens

        The individual fibers are bonded together by mechanical needle punches during the needlepunch process. In this process, the strength, density and texture of the nonwoven can be optimally controlled. This technology is used primarily in the production of nonwovens for noise and thermal insulation materials. It is also used to produce nonwovens for the home textiles sector.

          Needlepunch process | Sandler Group

          Composite materials – infinite possibilities 

          By means of ultrasonic welding, hot melt or thermal lamination, embossing or pressing, nonwovens can be bonded to nonwovens or other materials. The result: nonwovens for high-performance filters or absorbent diapers. The ability to combine different base materials creates an infinite number of nonwoven solutions for a broad range of industries.

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            Research & Development – for a more sustainable future 

            In our R&D department, nonwovens specialists work on the further development of our existing products. And on new solutions for a wide range of industries. As a development partner, we jointly implement the individual requirements of our customers, working far beyond our company boundaries with a network of market players in all stages of the value chain. Across all departments, we actively drive the issue of sustainability. By researching alternative raw materials, recycling concepts to form closed cycles, and on ways to improve our energy efficiency.

              R&D | Sandler Group
              R&D | Sandler Group

              Our certifications – tested Sandler quality

              Sandler stands for quality. For high-quality nonwovens that are optimally matched to each application. Nonwovens that our customers can rely on 100 percent. Our certifications according to national and international standards are a visible sign of the quality of our nonwoven solutions. We also comply with the highest international standards in the area of sustainability and strive to continuously improve.

                R&D | Sandler Group
                 Nonwovens specialists | Sandler Group
                Nonwovens | Sandler Group

                Sandler Group – strong values for a successful future

                For more than 140 years, we have been supplying nonwoven solutions for the construction, household, hygiene, industry, mobility and wipes sectors. Our values of reliability, responsibility and openness form the basis of our actions.

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