Nonwovens for industrial appli­­cations

Sandler offers nonwoven solutions for various industries. In the field of acoustic insu­lation, we supply adaptable nonwovens that improve room acoustics and signi­ficantly reduce noise exposure. We produce filter media for air and liquid filtration, and Sandler nonwovens are used in the thermal insu­lation of hot water buffer tanks, heat pumps and pipes. Industrial liners serve as packaging or covers to protect goods.

    Our appli­cation highlight in industrial uses

    Sandler’s efficient melt­blown nonwovens for HVAC appli­cations are available in various versions to adjust optimally to your require­ments.

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    Sound control solu­tions

    Sandler produces solutions for industrial sound control and acoustical opti­mization. Our bluefiber products contri­bute to improved interior acoustics through sound absorption and noise dampening. They help to reduce the noise in manu­facturing facilities, resul­ting in an improved working atmosphere. Our versatile nonwoven solutions adapt to your require­ments.

    We supply nonwovens for

    • Suspended baffles
    • Ceiling panels
    • Absorber panels
    • Acoustic enclosures
    • Room partitions

      Solutions for filtration

      Sandler produces filter media and multi­layer composites for industrial use, including particle layers for combi­nation filters and fully synthetic frame materials. Our nonwovens help to create a healthy working atmosphere and extend the service life of machines. Wherever possible, we use single-polymer raw materials. Thanks to our many years of exper­tise, we can offer a wide range of solutions in the field of industrial fil­tration. We produce multi­functional products that are not only durable, but also filter various types of particles.

      We supply filter media for

      • HVAC
      • Spray cabin filters
      • Filters for oils and other liquids

        Nonwoven materials for thermal insu­lation

        In industrial appli­cations, Sandler nonwovens are used for thermal insu­lation. They achieve optimal insu­lation properties and are easy to process. Their recyclability makes our nonwovens a promising pro­pitious material for heating, ventilation and air condi­tioning.

        We supply nonwovens for the thermal insulation of

        • Hot water buffer tanks
        • Heat pumps
        • Pipes

          Industrial liners for the protec­tion of goods

          Perfectly adjusted to the require­ments, reliable, and stable: our industrial liners come into play when it comes to protec­ting goods and equipment. They are thus being used for sealants, as covers, in the packaging industry and many other fields. By choosing the right production techno­logy and raw material, we can control the charac­teristics of our industrial liners. For the opti­mal protection of goods of all kinds.

          We supply nonwovens for

          • Covers
          • Sealants
          • Packaging
          • Manufacturing aids

          Numerous production techno­logies

          In the production of nonwoven solutions for industrial appli­cations, almost all of our techno­logies are used. We know the require­ments of each individual product and adapt to them in the best possible way. This enables us to imple­ment customer-specific require­ments and to offer a range of standard products. We use

          Your Sandler contacts for industrial applications

          Are you looking for solutions in the fields of HVAC, packaging or other industrial appli­cations? And you want to learn more about our nonwovens our production techno­logies? Whatever your concern may be – we are there to answer to your questions. Drop us a line and we’ll get in touch.

          Marcel Krauß
          Sound insulation & Protection in industrial applications
          +49 9284 60-912

          Kadir Özdemir
          Filtration in industrial applications
          +49 9284 60-388

          Ronny Schröder
          Thermal insulation in industrial applications
          +49 9284 60-191

          Your require­­ments – our solutions

          We implement nonwoven solutions for construc­tion, house­hold, hygiene, industry, and mobility – with ease, and in the best Sandler quality!

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