Nonwovens for the protec­tion of people, machines, and goods

When it comes to protecting people - and babies in particular - the mate­rials used must meet particu­larly high standards. Skin compa­tibility, freedom from harmful sub­stances and relia­bility are just some of them. Our non­wovens for baby diapers, feminine hygiene, inconti­nence products, wound care items, and dis­infection have been specially developed to provide reliable protec­tion and thus improve people's quality of life. In the construction sector, our protective nonwovens ensure that our homes are protected from damp and cold. Last but not least, industrial liners protect goods of all kinds.

    Nonwovens for protection | Sandler Group

    Our highlight appli­cation in the field of protection

    Sandler’s secondary topsheets provide for a rapid and reliable transport of fluids and prevent from rewet. We can adapt the produc­tion of these distribution layers to your require­ments and supply individual solutions.

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    Nonwovens for protection | Sandler Group
    Nonwovens for protection | Sandler Group

    Protective non­wovens in the construc­tion sector

    Given their softness and durability, Sandler nonwovens are used as process support materials or coating substrates in various construc­tion appli­cations such as roofing membranes or window sealing. They protect against moisture pene­tration and other environ­mental influences.

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    Sandler nonwovens for hygiene appli­cations

    Unlike wipes, which release liquids in use, diapers, inconti­nence protection products and feminine hygiene items are intended to absorb liquids. Again, Sandler nonwovens deliver top perfor­mance and ensure peace of mind in everyday life. They are extremely absorbent, flexible and very soft. They support the rapid transpor­tation of fluids and protect particu­larly the sensitive skin of babies from irri­tation. Stretchable nonwovens are used in elastic compo­nents and give little ones the space to move freely. It goes without saying that no chemical substan­ces are used in the production of our nonwovens for hygiene products. In the medical field, and especially in wound care and wound cleansing, it is vital that the affected area is reliably protected from dirt, bacteria and other substan­ces. Here, too, the products must be gentle on the skin and contain no harmful substances. Sandler nonwovens for medical appli­cations are skin-friendly, soft and free of chemical additives. For optimum user comfort, they do not exert unpleasant pressure on the wound. Nonwovens for dis­infectant wipes reliably release the active liquid and are quickly to hand in all every­day situations or for medical use.

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      Nonwovens for protection | Sandler Group
      Nonwovens for protection | Sandler Group

      Sandler nonwovens in industrial appli­cations

      Sandler nonwovens protect sensitive goods in various branches of industry as parts of surface covers, packaging and protec­tive covers. They are both stable and have an excellent cushioning effect. We also offer process support materials that serve as protec­tive nonwovens for equip­ment and tools in the manu­facturing process of various products.

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        Nonwovens for protection | Sandler Group

        Your contact persons at Sandler

        Our product portfolio covers a wide range of industries and appli­cations. For more information on a nonwoven solution suiting your needs or for discussing customer-specific require­ments, please get in touch with our specialists.

        Contact Marcel Krauss | Sandler Group

        Marcel Krauß
        Protection in construction and industry
        +49 9284 60-912

        Contact Theresa Baier | Sandler Group

        Theresa Baier
        Protection in hygiene applications
        +49 9284 60-247

        Solutions for the most varied sectors

        Synthetic nonwovens are suitable for a vast range of appli­cations. Sandler’s solutions help in sound proofing, insulating, filtering, upholstery, cleaning, and protecting.

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