The needle­­punch process - hard-wearing nonwovens

Needlepunching is used to produce nonwovens in various thick­nesses and densities suitable for a wide range of appli­cations. The process involves barbed needles which rapidly punch down through the web, and entangle tufts of fibers on their way back. This mecha­nical bonding by means of needling ensures high strength and wear resis­tance of the nonwoven. The advantage of needle­punch techno­logy lies in its versatility: depen­ding on the needle punch densities, types and speeds, the strength, density and texture of the needle punched nonwoven can be individually adapted to the respective require­ments. The needle­punch process has been part of our techno­logy portfolio since 1965, making it our oldest manu­facturing method.

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    »To a large extent, we owe our success to decades of expertise in the field of needlepunch.«
    Markus Tröger, Production Management, Sandler AG

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    The continuous expansion and opti­mization of our production techno­logies has made us what we are today: a global market leader in the field of nonwoven solu­tions. The quality of our nonwovens is our top prio­rity.

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