Sandler nonwovens for thermal insulation

In construction, HVAC or mobility: Sandler polyester nonwovens provide optimum thermal insulation in various fields of application. Compared to foam-based materials, polyester offers many advantages. Skin friendliness, longevity and resistance to environmental influences are just a few of them. What's more, the insulating properties of our nonwovens help to achieve high thermal efficiency.

Sustainability is important to us, also in the field of thermal insulation: at Sandler, we predominantly use fibers from recycled PET bottles to manufacture our nonwovens for thermal insulation. This conserves resources and facilitates recycling.

    Buffer tank insulation | Sandler Group

    Our highlight application in thermal insulation

    Sandler insulation nonwovens are ideally suited for the insulation of buffer tanks. Not only do they provide for an outstanding thermal insulation and prevent a loss of heat. Made from 100 % polyester, they are uncomplicated also in recycling.

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    Insulations for pipes | Sandler Group
    Nonwovens for thermal insulation | Sandler Group

    Insulating nonwovens in the construction sector

    The construction sector is looking for materials with the best insulation properties. Materials that are also easy to process. Our polyester insulation nonwovens offer a convincing alternative to conventional thermal insulation materials such as mineral wool, rock wool or foam. And because they can be recycled, they are more sustainable than comparable materials. They are lightweight, resistant to ageing, fungus and mold, UV light and moisture. Sandler polyester nonwovens are used to insulate buffer tanks, pipes and heat pumps. They prevent heat loss, are resistant to heat, cold and other environmental influences and meet all relevant fire safety requirements.

    Compared to conventional solutions such as mineral fiber insulation materials, Sandler's insulating nonwovens are easy to process, recyclable and thanks to their flexibility, they adapt perfectly to component contours. Perfectly suited for converters, system product suppliers, and original equipment manufacturers.

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    Nonwovens for mobility | Sandler Group
    Nonwovens for mobility | Sandler Group

    Insulating nonwovens in the mobility sector

    Our nonwovens significantly contribute to temperature control in vehicle interiors. Thanks to their thermal insulation properties, they effectively reduce the need for heating or air conditioning, leading to considerable energy savings. And not only in cars, but also in other vehicles such as buses, trucks or trains. They insulate reliably and are extremely lightweight. This multifunctionality means that the overall weight of the vehicle can be reduced. An important criterion in lightweight design and electromobility. Sandler produces single-polymer products only, products than can be recycled and returned to the material cycle.

    With our extensive and ever-expanding product portfolio, we are the point of contact for OEMs, suppliers and vehicle manufacturers the world over.

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    Your Sandler contacts for sustainable insulating nonwovens

    Are you looking for insulation products? Do you want to know more about our nonwoven solutions or discuss a customer-specific application? Your Sandler specialists are looking forward to talking to you!

    Contact Marcel Krauss | Sandler Group

    Marcel Krauß
    Thermal insulation in construction
    +49 9284 60-912

    Contact Fabian Geyer| Sandler Group

    Fabian Geyer
    Thermal insulation in mobility
    +49 9284 60-4289

    Your requirement – our solution

    Be it reliable nonwovens in diapers, voluminous materials for upholstery or high-performing filters – Sandler nonwovens can be found in many sectors and applications. Discover our solutions for the construction, household, hygiene, industry, and mobility sectors.

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