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Change Story? What is that? Some of you may have asked themselves this question over the past year. To keep our colleagues optimally informed, we have developed an internal communication concept as part of our brand relaunch - and beyond. We have been providing our teams with information on future topics for over a year, and there’s no end in sight.

Change Story | Sandler Group
Change Story interview situation | Sandler Group

"Shaping Sandler" is the motto under which we have been working intensively on the relaunch of our corporate brand over the past few months. An important criterion was to take our teams in Schwarzenbach and Perry on board at an early stage, and in a variety of ways. We succeeded in informing our employees about our rebranding and explaining our path to the new brand. It was our intention to develop an understanding for the project and provide for regular updates on the process. In the process, we realized that "Shaping Sandler" was not only shaping the Sandler brand, but the entire company.

Let's tell the story of change at Sandler a little bigger. We call it the Change Story

Change is important if Sandler is to remain successful in the future. And change affects us all, every day. New products, new ways of tackling tasks, technological developments, both at work and at home. At Sandler, we use this constant change to redefine ourselves, to position ourselves even better in the market and to strengthen our team spirit.

Our focus is on a strategy for the future, on how we want to change as an organization and what defines us as a team. We are repositioning our corporate brand to better reflect the diversity of our sales markets and further expand our partnership with our customers. We are redefining ourselves as an employer in order to make the best possible use of the individual strengths of our team members. And in order to secure our position on the market in the long run, we are anchoring sustainability in all its facets as a holistic basis for action in our daily work.

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We are changing our mindset

Every topic is accompanied by a change, which is why it is our job to transparently convey fundamental thoughts on all these changes. The content is clearly structured and background information helps to better understand the topic. Not least, goals and results must be recognizable for everyone. Each issue features a different team member and their focus topic. The "very personal topic" is communicated in their individual way, giving readers an insight into Sandler's everyday life and the very individual results of change. It is completely independent of the area and function in which the employee works. The topic must inspire.

We not only want to communicate strategic topics well; we also want to implement them well.

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