Protective nonwovens from Sandler: Protect what’s important to you

We are surrounded by things we want to protect - our family and friends, our technology, our everyday possessions. In a world, where risks and dangers are ever-present, it's reassuring to know that there are products that help us protect what we care about. At Sandler Group, we specialize in providing you with solutions that do just that - protect people, machines, and property.

Nonwovens for hygiene products | Sandler Group
Nonwovens for hygiene products | Sandler Group

Diaper nonwovens: safety and comfort

When it comes to hygiene products, protection and comfort are paramount, both for babies and adults suffering from incontinence. Diaper nonwovens in the form of Aquisition Distribution Layers (ADL) play a crucial role in creating a dry and comfortable environment. For babies, nonwovens for diapers ensure that skin irritation is minimized through their ability to effectively absorb moisture and keep it away from the skin. For adults with incontinence, they offer the same protection by quickly absorbing and trapping fluids. By helping to prevent leakage, diaper liners ensure that users feel comfortable and secure at all times. Sandler specializes in producing high-quality diaper nonwovens that meet the demanding requirements of daily use.

Topsheets: Effective fluid distribution for greater comfort

Topsheets are an indispensable component of hygiene products such as sanitary napkins, incontinence products and baby diapers. They are designed to rapidly transport liquids into the absorbent core, where they are securely trapped. This prevents from soaking, which could cause skin irritation. The ability of topsheets to effectively disperse and retain fluids ensures a high level of comfort and allows users to feel dry and protected throughout the day. At Sandler, we have decades of experience in manufacturing topsheets that are perfectly adapted to the needs of different applications.

Anwendungen: Vielseitiger Schutz für verschiedenste Bereiche

Unsere Schutzvliese finden sich auch in speziellen Anwendungen wieder, die höchste Anforderungen an Material und Verarbeitung stellen. Im medizinischen Bereich werden unsere Vliese zum Kälteschutz von Arzneimitteln verwendet, um diese während des Transports und der Lagerung vor Temperaturschwankungen zu schützen. Auch im Automobilsektor kommen unsere Produkte zum Einsatz: Auto-Cover aus Vliesstoff schützen den Lack vor Kratzern und Schmutz. Zudem leisten unsere Vliesstoffe als Dämmmaterialien einen wichtigen Beitrag zur Energieeffizienz und zum Wohnkomfort. Diese vielfältigen Einsatzmöglichkeiten verdeutlichen die Flexibilität und Leistungsfähigkeit unserer Produkte und unterstreichen unser Engagement für den Schutz dessen, was Ihnen wichtig ist.

Protective nonwovens from Sandler: your reliable partner

Whether for use in industry, in the home or in the hygiene sector - nonwovens from Sandler offer versatile solutions to protect what is important to you. With our decades of experience and our commitment to the highest quality, we develop products that are reliable, durable and precisely tailored to your needs. Rely on Sandler Group to provide you with customized solutions that make your life safer and more comfortable. Protect what's important to you - with Sandler.

    Nonwovens | Sandler Group
    Nonwovens | Sandler Group
    Nonwovens | Sandler Group
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