Media for nonwoven filters: the invisible heroes of our everyday lives

Air quality is of crucial importance in our everyday lives - for our health and for our well-being. Nonwoven filters are key to ensuring clean air. Nonwoven filters are processed in a variety of ways and consist of various parts, including nonwoven filter media. These media consist of fine fibers arranged in a dense structure. This enables them to filter dust, pollen and other pollutants from the air without affecting the air flow.

Filter vacuum cleaner bags | Sandler Group
Filters vacuum cleaner bags filter bags | Sandler Group

Nonwoven filter media for clean air in the home and beyond

Nonwoven filter media are extremely versatile and can be used in various areas. In the household, for example, they are indispensable in vacuum cleaner bags to effectively trap dust and dirt and thus improve cleanliness and air quality in the home. They are also used as coarse and fine dust filter media for extractor hoods, where they help to filter out unpleasant odors and harmful particles from the air. In air conditioning and ventilation systems, nonwoven air filters ensure clean and healthy air by efficiently filtering out pollen, dust and other pollutants.

Nonwovens filter media in industrial applications

Nonwoven filter media are also of great importance in industrial environments. Here they are used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology to filter fine and coarse dust and thus improve the air quality in factories and production facilities. An even more effective filtration is ensured by multilayer composites which thereby contribute to the safety and the health of workers.

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    Nonwoven filter media in the mobility sector

    In the mobility sector, nonwoven filter media are used in the engine compartment of vehicles. They filter dirt and particles from the air or fuel, protecting the engine from contamination and contributing to efficient fuel combustion. In the vehicle interior, they ensure clean air and thus contribute to the comfort and well-being of the occupants. Nonwoven filter media are even used in the brake system to filter wear particles and impurities from the brake fluid to maintain the functionality of the brakes.

    Nonwoven filter media: heroes in our everyday lives

    Nonwoven filter media are a crucial product in our everyday lives, even though they often work behind the scenes. They play an essential role in ensuring clean air in various environments, whether in the home, in industrial plants or in the mobility sector. Sandler Group specializes in the production of high-quality nonwoven filter media and thus makes a significant contribution to supplying a wide range of manufacturers with media for nonwoven filters.

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